During 2014 Juno Consulting set up and headed Banca Carige’s update of the SAS tool for the calculation of RWA according to European legislation CRD4/CRR. For the same banking institution, at the beginning of 2015, Juno Consulting migrated and upgraded within the new SAS tool the signalling component

according to the Italian legislation (Circular 263 of the Bank of Italy).

The Juno Consulting professionals have taken steps to configure the sas CRMB 4.8 solution to feed it properly, to interface with another reporting system (Trend) and submit to the client a complete documentary sets for the use, understanding and audit of the SAS solution.

The project was successfully completed, performed in line with initial estimates and ensuring significant results in terms of performance on the calculation of RWA. This project was

presented at the SAS Forum 2015 with a joint intervention of Banca Carige and Juno Consulting.